Cider Tonic

-‘Your  Everyday Apple Cider Vinegar’


starts in your guts

With stress, sugar and poor lifestyle choices waging a war on your gut health, it’s important to call in backup when you need it.

Bursting with immune-boosting prebiotics, anti-inflammatory superfoods and digestive enzymes, our apple cider vinegar tonic is your secret wellness weapon, supercharging with every sip.

Cider Tonic’s Original apple cider vinegar bottle



Price drop : We have crunched the numbers & with us growing a majority of the ingredients in our permaculture garden, we can now pass the savings onto you.

200ml was $19.95 NOW  $18  |  550ml was $49.95 NOW $45


Brewed with local ingredients and backed with sustainable permaculture principles, our apple cider vinegar is a delicious antioxidant-rich apple cider vinegar elixir. 

With 16 anti-inflammatory superfood ingredients, Cider Tonic is made to fit into your life. From daily superfood shots through to tasty salad dressings, cough remedies and sore throat soothers, Cider Tonic delivers powerful nutrients when you need them most.

It’s one small sip for you… But one giant leap for better health and wellness.   



Curious how our apple cider vinegar serves as your secret wellness weapon?

Sketches of ingredients for Cider Tonic’s apple cider vinegar
Bottle of Cider Tonic’s apple cider vinegar on the beach


your local Cider Tonic stockist

Master brewer holding herbs in her hand


your master brewer

  Apple Cider Vinegar drinks made with Cider Tonic



learn the mysteries of our

home grown ingredients

learn the mysteries of our

home grown ingredients

Sketches of fruit ingredients for Cider Tonic’s apple cider vinegar
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