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FLOURITE – Rose Gold Crystal Bottle with Gemstone Base and Tea Infuser


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FLOURITE – Rose Gold Crystal Bottle with Gemstone Base and Tea Infuser

A beautifully designed bottle perfect for on the go, stylish hydration! This unique and classy bottle is ideal for hot drinks, water, cold teas, juices or smoothies.

It is handcrafted, completely toxin and lead-free.

450 ml liquid capacity + 100 ml in gemstone base
25 cms tall and 6.6 cms wide
Rose gold coloured screw on lid and base
Includes removable stainless steel tea infuser
Crystals are interchangeable
Environmentally friendly liquid storage, portable, durable and fashionable!
Made from premium borosilicate glass able to withstand varying temperatures
Features a 304 stainless steel cap with BPA free plastic lining
Sealed base holds semiprecious, tumbled gemstone crystals
Zero leakage as the base is sealed
Easy to clean and fill
Gemstones and crystals have a very subtle electromagnetic vibration that changes the water’s structure and have antibacterial properties.

With the Gemstone base, the crystals never come in direct contact with the water as they are enclosed inside the glass base. Despite this the glass acts as a prism for the natural vibrations of the gemstone and thus enhances the very structure of the water. Taste it and see!

TO CLEAN : The glass cylinder can be washed by hand or go into the dishwasher. The base and lid need to be hand washed.

DISCLAIMER: Gemstones and crystals are unique like everything in nature and beautiful because of this. They are natural products and therefore may vary in size, shape and colour.

The information that I have provided on the effect of crystals and gems on the body is intuitive in nature. Us and the Earth cannot guarantee results from any particular gemstone or crystal. You should never substitute gems or crystals for professional medical treatment when indicated for any condition.


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