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Green smoothie with Cider Tonic Nourish
Green Smoothies
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Green smoothies might be your answer to adding vitamins & minerals quickly & easily into your diet.

Many of us have a tendency to focus on our intake of macronutrients (the carbohydrates, proteins and fats) and ignore the power of micronutrients. These vitamins and minerals are crucial to the healthy functioning of our bodies, as well as balanced mental health.

Micronutrients, which include vitamins and minerals, are necessary for our bodies to function properly. Vitamins are essential for energy production, immune function & blood clotting while minerals play an important role in growth, bone health & fluid balance. These are functions that can’t be satisfied just by the consumption of enough calories and macronutrients.

The health effects and symptoms of long-term deficiencies vary depending on the particular nutrient. However, some deficiencies are more common than others. In Australia deficiencies of vitamin A, B12, D, iron and calcium are common.

Why aren’t we getting enough vitamins and minerals?

While the medical consensus is that adults can get all that they need while eating a balanced diet, the reality is that most people struggle with maintaining this healthy lifestyle in today’s fast-paced day and age. However, that is not the only issue which may be preventing you from getting all the necessary micronutrients.

Conditions such as leaky gut syndrome & the presence of the MTHFR gene can make the absorption of micronutrients more challenging.

One possible solution to adding more micronutrients to your diet could be adding a green smoothie to the mix.

Smoothies are super simple and can be adapted to your tastes. They can be a quick & convenient source of vitamins & minerals.

By prepping & freezing ingredients in portion sizes while they are in  season to use later when they are not so abundant, we are able to harness their wellness properties all year around.

The other reason I prefer to portion & freeze most of my ingredients, is so I don’t need to add ice. This way the smoothie is more nutrient dense, smoother and creamier in texture.

Vegetables to choose from



Nettle leaves (Blanched)

Dandelion leaves

Swiss chard

Romaine lettuce

Beet greens


Carrot tops



Celery tops


Fruits to choose from










(Please note if you use dark fruits such as berries, this will change the colour of your green smoothie, it will be more brown then green)


Liquid Ingredients

Almond Milk

Coconut Milk

Any percentage of dairy milk

Rice Milk

Oat Milk

Cashew Milk

Coconut Water

Smoothie add ons

Cider Tonic-NOURISH

Maca powder

Ground flaxseed

Bee pollen


Try to not add to much fruit as this adds unnecessary sugar that you do not need. The greener with herbs and vegetables the better.

When making a green smoothie, it’s important to always add the liquid ingredients into the blending container first. This ensures the other ingredients don’t get stuck under the blades! It also creates a vortex that pulls everything into the blades for a smooth blend.

Then you would add your frozen greens of choice on top of the liquid

Then add the fruit & add ins

Putting the frozen fruit on top of the greens helps push all the leaves into the blades and prevents them from sticking to the sides.


Now go and have some fun experimenting!!!

Cider Tonic Nourish with Honey







Until next time, get out there & enjoy the little things in life.
Remember to love your guts like l love your guts!



Marina | Cider Tonic