Welcome to the Cider Tonic Apothecary Shed


a curated new range, forests of food and all that gut-loving goodness.

a curated new range, forests of food and all that gut-loving goodness

It’s been just over four incredible years since the birth of Cider Tonic. Somehow, my zeal for creating something truly ~good~ for our gut health and wellbeing, has sprouted into a growing business and for that, I am eternally thankful and humbled. Together we have cultivated a radiant community – from the wonderful local growers and producers I have the pleasure of working with, to you – my incredible customers, who are at the heart of what I do. I adore connecting with you and creating products that enrich your life, your health and your wellness (all while being yummy as heck). So I am  beyond ecstatic to share some exciting news in the world of Cider Tonic. Oh but don’t worry, your favourite products aren’t going anywhere, they’ll just have to make some more room on the shelf…

 Pull up a seat, let’s chat.


Sketches of ingredients for Cider Tonic’s apple cider vinegar

 Cider Tonic Apothecary Shed    |   11 Montgomery St, Yarram 3971   | Mon , Wed & Fri 10am – 2pm


Over time, we’ve evolved and built upon our range, but the core values have remained fixed in the front of my mind. This year offered the opportunity to spend some time exploring more ways I can grow Cider Tonic in a direction that truly aligns with the permaculture principles that sparked my desire to create it in the first place. And then it came to me. Being unable to visit my favourite markets meant an opportunity to lean into sustainability and connect with all the goodness grown from the earth right under our feet here in Yarram.

We all know the past year and a half has been a bit of a doozy to say the least. For me, the constant lockdowns (I promise this is the only time I’ll bring up that awful word we’d like to forget) meant I wasn’t able to travel to my favourite markets & many of my stockists closed, alas a subtle reinvention was on the cards. Although it was a challenge, and a big one at that, it felt like an opportunity. This business started with bottling up little shots of wellness with the goal of improving your health in the most delicious of ways.


I am so proud and honoured to announce the opening of the

Cider Tonic Apothecary Shed.

Planted firmly in our beautiful permaculture front garden, the Apothecary Shed is open Monday, Wednesday & Friday 10am to 2pm , and hosts a wider range of products than we’ve ever stocked before. The new range includes medicinal herbs, gut loving products ranging from sauerkrauts to bone broths, tasty treats from jams, preserves & chocolate, herbal & mushroom extracts, gift items such as crystals, candles, aromatherapy items, bath & body products, gardening with children’s grow kits and a huge range of heirloom seeds.

It’s a LOT, I know. But I’ve spent this past year carefully curating this new range of products, including stocking over 30 Australian artisan brands, to sit alongside my Cider Tonic, offering you all the gut-loving goodness you deserve & beautiful gifts for you to share or treat yourself with.


Check out the awesome brands we have available

Sketches of ingredients for Cider Tonic’s apple cider vinegar

 Cider Tonic Apothecary Shed    |   11 Montgomery St, Yarram 3971   | Mon, Wed & Thur 10am – 2pm


Cider Tonic Apothecary Shed    |   11 Montgomery St, Yarram 3971

I’ve also added some incredible hidden gems from local makers & producers, which I have had the delight of exploring, so much so that I knew it would be evil of me to keep them away from you. Seeing fellow small makers and producers in our wonderful Gippsland community challenged by the lockdowns, sparked a renewed fire and focus in me to connect them with you while also connecting you with our community here (A win-win!). If you’re thinking,  “But how can I get my hands on them if I can’t come and visit the shed?!”.. do not fear! Everything in The Shed can be ordered online HERE, but if you’re in arms reach, boy are there perks to stopping by, so let’s get into that.



My growing permaculture food forest sits amongst truly breathtaking scenery here in Yarram, and is where I grow majority of my Cider Tonic ingredients as well as some of my medicinal herbs. I am delighted to invite you to wander around the gardens to see the permaculture principles that lay at the heart of Cider Tonic for yourself. You may even spot our darling bunnies


Growing & living amongst the ingredients that I use in my products has been an incredibly grounding and enriching experience for me, and I cannot wait for you too, to immerse yourself in the process behind what inevitably ends up in that little bottle of goodness. If you want to visit outside of our opening hours, do not hesitate to shoot me an email and we can absolutely organise a time that works for you.


 Cider Tonic Apothecary Shed    |   11 Montgomery St, Yarram 3971   | Mon, Wed & Frid 10am – 2pm

Explore Yarram & Surrounds

So since I’ve (hopefully) convinced you to come and adventure in our gardens, let me suggest a few of the wonderful places to visit while you’re here, and you’ll be planning that road trip in no time. From amazing beaches to rain forests, old fishing villages to art trails and national parks, there are an endless amount of things you can fill your days with.

Check out the blog on my picks of places to see, eat & stay Here


I’m so excited about the new offerings here at Cider Tonic, and I cannot wait for you to experience all the yummy goodness for yourself. I’ll see you soon!

Bottle of Cider Tonic’s apple cider vinegar on the beach


your local Cider Tonic stockist

Master brewer holding herbs in her hand


your master brewer

  Apple Cider Vinegar drinks made with Cider Tonic




Curious how our apple cider vinegar serves as your secret wellness weapon?


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